People credited with this unit standard will be able to describe the requirements about working at heights.

The competency includes knowledge and understanding of the requirements applicable to:

  • Performing work in elevated positions.
  • Inspecting, caring for and storing fall arrest equipment effectively.
  • The safety, health and environmental principles regarding the safe construction and maintenance of the working platform, ladders, scaffolds, and walkways in elevated positions.

SAQA ID: 120362
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 4
Accrediting SETA: CETA
Duration: 2 days
Recommended Entry Criteria:
• Grade 11
• Valid First Aid Certificate
Certification Issued: Competency Certificate

Unit Standard Range

The following scope and context apply to the whole unit standard in any workplace.

Specific range statements are provided in the body of the unit standard where they apply to specific outcomes or assessment criteria.

Specified requirements include legal and site-specific requirements and are contained in one or more of the following documents:

Legal Requirements:

• Mine Health and Safety Act.
• Occupational Health and Safety Act
• Chief Inspector of Mines’ Directives

Site-specific Requirements:
• Health and safety agreements
• Codes of practice
• Standards
• Standards task procedures
• Risk Assessments procedures
• Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management Programme
• Managerial Instructions
• Mine Standard Procedures
• List of Recorded OH&S Risks
• Working Guides / Permits
• Equipment and Materials Specifications

Specific Outcomes

  1. Describe the requirements to safely perform work in elevated positions.
  2. Describe the requirements to correctly inspect, care for and store fall arrest equipment.
  3. Describe the safety, health, and environmental principles with regards to working platforms, ladders, scaffolds, and walkways in elevated positions.

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