This unit standard is for learners within the fabrication and welding fields.

A person credited with this unit standard is capable of:

  • Describing the gas tungsten arc welding process.
  • Selecting and setting up of gas tungsten arc welding equipment.
  • Conducting pre-operational checks.
  • Preparing pipes prior to welding
  • Welding pipes

SAQA ID:243068
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 15
Accrediting SETA: merSETA
Duration: 5 days
Recommended Entry Criteria:
It is recommended that learners entering into a study of this unit standard will prove competence in the following to enable the achievement of this unit standard:
Communication at NQF Level 1
Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1

Unit Standard Range


Specific Outcomes

1. Describe and explain the gas tungsten arc welding process.
2. Select, assemble and conduct pre-operational checks of gas tungsten arc welding equipment.
3. Prepare workpieces prior to welding.
4. Weld workpieces.
5. Inspect welded workpiece for defects.
6. Care for and store welding consumables and equipment.

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