This unit standard provides a broad introduction to the preparation of freight for storage, excluding bulk freight, within all modes of transportation. A learner accredited with this unit standard will be able to identify, determine, assess, record and store freight.

The qualifying learner will be capable of:

  • Unpacking containers.
  • Selecting/picking and sorting items.
  • Identifying the storage method related to the item type.

SAQA ID: 252264
NQF Level: 1
Credits: 2
Accrediting SETA: TETA
Duration: 2 days
Recommended Entry Criteria: Grade 9
Certification Issued: Competency Certificate

Unit Standard Range

  • The scope of this Unit Standard is for any person working in the transport environment where knowledge and application of preparing freight for storage procedures is a necessity.
  • The context of this Unit Standard refers to aspects, practices and procedures involving the preparation of freight for transportation safely and economically.
  • The level assigned to this Unit Standard is appropriate because a narrow range of knowledge and cognitive skills is applied. The application of this Unit Standard is to qualify the person for entry into a career-based certification.

Specific Outcomes

  1. Unpack containers.
  2. Select/pick and sort items.
  3. Identify the storage method in relation to the item type.

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