The skills, values and knowledge reflected in this unit standard are required by people in the field of engineering.
The learning outcomes in this unit standard also contribute to the exit level outcomes required for various NQF level 2 engineering qualifications.
Qualifying learners can identify units of measure commonly accepted within the engineering industry, know the correct symbols and select, safely use and maintain a range of engineering measuring equipment.

SAQA ID: 12476
NQF Level: 2
Credits: 4
Accrediting SETA: merSETA
Duration: 1 days
Recommended Entry Criteria:
This unit standard has been designed as the start of a progression.
The credits allocated to this unit standard assume that a learners has already learned to:
Maintain a safe and productive work area

Unit Standard Range

The scope and level of this unit standard is determined by the ranges as indicated under the specific outcomes.
All work is performed under supervision.

Specific Outcomes

1. Explain and discuss basic units of measure and symbol
2. Explain and discuss basic units of measure and symbol
3. Care for and maintain measuring equipment.
4. Recognise and report problems, changes and/or malfunctions while working.
5. Work safely with due care for self, fellow workers, equipment, materials and the environment

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