The person credited with this unit standard is able to operate a battery operated defined purpose lift truck. They are able to access emergency support and services in the case of an emergency while operating a lift truck. The person is also able to identify and classify the load, handle and move the freight while operating the lifting equipment in accordance with standards and its performance capabilities.

SAQA ID: 242972
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 7
Accrediting SETA: TETA
Duration: Recertification 1 day | Novice 5 days
Recommended Entry Criteria:
Grade 10 Literacy and Numeracy

Unit Standard Range:

  • Lift Truck shall include: F5: Reach Lift truck up to rated capacity of 2500kg • F8: Order Picking lift truck – for first and second level racking (Narrow aisle/wide aisle) (NA/WA) • F9: Order Picking lift truck – for all level racking including high rise (NA/WA) • F13: VNA (Very narrow aisle) lift truck, non-elevating cab, to service all levels • F14: VNA lift truck, elevating cab, to service all levels.
  • F15: Rail mounted stacker lift truck with non-elevating cab • F16: Rail mounted stacker lift truck with elevating cab.
  • Attachments and special equipment shall include: A: Side Shift • B: Single pole • C: Carton or paper roll clamp • D: Crane Hook.
  • E: Push Pull/Slip sheet equipment • F: Load Rotator • G: Wire Guidance system • H: Load Extender Pantograph • I: Rotating Mast (Turret Truck) • J: Tilting Bucket • K: Tandem Forks
  • L: Container Vanning and Devanning • M: Container Handling • N: Forks. O: Cradle (Safety Cage).

Specific Outcomes

1. Access available emergency support systems and services in case of incidents and accidents.
2. Identify and classify freight/loads.
3. Handle, load and store freight.
4. Achieve maximum work performance of battery powered lifting equipment and attachments.
5. Operate equipment.

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