A learner accredited with this unit standard will be able to demonstrate applied competence in occupational health, safety awareness of environmental issues and general housekeeping based on statutory and industry requirements.

SAQA ID: 8016
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 8
Accrediting SETA: TETA
Duration: 3 days
Recommended Entry Criteria:
NQF 1 or General Education and Training Certificate
Fire Fighting Standard (NQF level 1)
Emergency Care Standard (NQF Level 1)

Unit Standard Range

The applied competence expressed in this standard cover largely familiar scenarios requiring limited discretion and judgement. The learner will have significant responsibility however, for ensuring the quality of health, safety, environmental and general housekeeping across a wide range of freight handling contexts.

Specific Outcomes

  1. Use the correct protective clothing and equipment.
  2. Implementing and complying with the relevant procedures.
  3. Implementing selected mechanisms for the minimising of risks.

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